Friday, October 30, 2009

Mime: A True Story: First Post

OK! So here is some concept art I've done recently. Randeep Katari and I (Matthew Kalinauskas) are setting out on an epic adventure to do an animated film... and we've just started... a month ago. In September we both started and pitched each other a few ideas. I had one about a Yeti and Randeep had one about an old married farm couple who are mad at each other. We also came up with a story together. It was all about looking beyond, being brave, and chasing the moment... lame.

So we each did a set of storyboards for our two stories (the lame one was left at the talking stage). When we finished we decided that we had each successfully created stories that were not good. So we went back to the drawing board... literally.

Randeep suggested we try thinking about mimes. There was a long awkward silent conversation consisting mostly of eye gestures and nostril flaring to follow. After the silence was broken by Randeep's brother, we got to using our words. It was fun! And we came up with a pretty cool story about a mime, a bratty kid, pigeons, a crowd, mime judges, New York City, and other things. So Randeep did a thumb-nail story pass at it. We then reviewed it and realized it needed work. Quite a bit of it... but in a good way. We are both really excited for it! We've come up with something we feel to be a very special and simple story. I hope you enjoy this blog about the making of this film. I hope we don't forget about it ourselves. If you've made it this far in the reading, congratulations, you have my respect.

Stop by the blog often :)